About The Firm

Ergoteles Capital is an investment management firm founded in 2012 by Michael Bos, Mark Mancini and Amit Manwani. Based in the heart of New York City, we trade globally, with a particular focus on quantitative equity strategies. We combine structured data analysis and market expertise to create systematic and quantitative models of investment opportunities. To identify, analyze and execute such strategies we employ both standard and bespoke software. Most members of our team have backgrounds in science, engineering or technology.

Strengths Culture Behind the Firm’s Name

We are big enough to have scope and relevance, but small enough to be passionately entrepreneurial.

We cultivate the combination of experience with raw talent and energy.

Our lean and agile organization encourages collaboration and facilitates it.

We accommodate both agency and principal roles, and allow for transitions between the two.

Our structure is flat. Talent finds its way quickly.

Ergoteles is committed to helping clients achieve their goals by providing excellent investment performance and attentive service.

The firm’s leadership cares about the success of its workforce and strives to maintain a culture that is collegial and professional, yet casual.

Employees at every level work together as one team, support and learn from each other, share ideas, treat each other with respect, and are recognized for their contributions.

Who or What is Ergoteles?

The Ergoteles for whom our firm is named was an ancient Greek athlete who lived in the fifth century B.C. Most of what we know about him stems from a poem written in praise of his athletic victories by his contemporary, the famous poet Pindar. From that poem we learn that Ergoteles was born in Knossos on the island of Crete but driven away by civic strife, after which he moved to the city of Himera in Sicily. There he became highly successful as a distance runner, a multiple victor in what we might now call the Grand Slam events of the time: the Olympian, Pythian and Isthmian Games.

The poem’s reflection that Ergoteles reached his peak as a result of his travails, rather than in spite of them, resonated with the founders of the firm.

Pindar, Twelfth Olympian Ode

I pray to you, child of Zeus the Deliverer,
Look after Himera, that it may be strong, o saving Tyche.
For through you are steered at sea the swift
Ships, and on land fickle wars
And meetings bringing counsel. The hopes of men roll
Much upward, then down again as they cleave a sea of falsehoods.

No mortal ever receives from the gods
A signal that is certain of affairs to come:
Regarding the future our senses are blind.
Much befalls humans beyond their ken,
Against their joy - yet others having met with
Grievous trials exchange toil for great success in just a short while.

Son of Philanor, verily also for you,
Like a domestic fighting cock next to the hearth of its birth
The honor of your feet would have shed its leaves in obscurity
Had not civil war, enemy of men, driven you from Knossos your fatherland.
Now crowned at Olympia
And twice in Pytho and at the Isthmus, Ergoteles,
You exult in the warm baths of the Nymphs, in the fields of your home.

How do you pronounce the Name?

The pronunciation of Greek names has changed considerably in the twenty-five centuries since the historical Ergoteles lived. Modern Greek puts the stress on the penultimate syllable and has an i-sound for the last vowel (Ergo-TEL-is). We typically use a traditional Latinized version (Er-GO-teles).


Ergoteles was founded in 2012 by Michael Bos, Mark Mancini and Amit Manwani, who previously held senior positions at industry-leading sell-side financial institutions. They still run the firm. Together they have more than fifty years of experience in quantitative finance.

Michael Bos

PhD in Physics from MIT (1988); research positions in Theoretical Physics at Columbia University and UCLA (1988-1993); at Lehman Brothers (1993-2008), most recently as Managing Director, Global Head of Quantitative Research for Equities and Fixed Income; Managing Director at Nomura (2008-2012).

Mark Mancini

MBA from New York University (1994); owner of Present Value Software (1994-1997); at Lehman Brothers (1997-2008), most recently as Managing Director, Head of Analytics for Prime Services; Managing Director at Nomura (2008-2012).

Amit Manwani

PhD in Computation and Neural Systems from Cal Tech (2000); Associate at MarchFirst (2000-2001); at Lehman Brothers (2001-2008), most recently as Managing Director, Head of U.S. Analytics and Algorithmic Products; Managing Director at Nomura (2008-2012).



Ergoteles Capital actively seeks motivated, take-charge, team-oriented leaders with strong values – from experienced professionals to students - who want to make a meaningful contribution, advance their careers and help clients succeed. The firm’s flat-management structure provides employees with an exceptional opportunity to display and expand their skills and be recognized, to an extent that may be uncommon at larger institutions. Ergoteles Capital is an equal opportunity employer.

Experienced Hires

Our hiring is both targeted and opportunistic. Like other firms, we hire laterally to fill existing open positions. Beyond that we are usually on the lookout for people with relevant experience who can help take our firm in new directions.

To inquire about opportunities please contact us at recruiting@ergotelescapital.com.

Campus Recruiting

We participate in recruiting events at several university campuses. Our focus is on candidates with degrees in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering (particularly Operations Research, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Economics and Finance. We are mainly interested in Masters’ degrees, PhD’s and postdoctoral researchers, but will consider strong undergraduates.

To inquire about opportunities please contact us at recruiting@ergotelescapital.com.


Our comprehensive internship program, which is aimed at students who are about a year removed from graduation, runs for eight to ten weeks during the summer months. The internship, which is paid, provides a great opportunity to learn from experienced investment professionals on the forefront of quantitative finance, and find out if a career in the area is right for you. Interns work closely with experienced analysts on quant trading models, coding, testing and perhaps real-world execution. We organize informal training sessions and provide networking opportunities. Interns who do well are likely to get full-time offers from the firm.

To inquire about opportunities please contact us at recruiting@ergotelescapital.com.


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February 22, 2022

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